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Officers & Committee Members


Lay Leader: Karen Hawkins 647-3734
Lay Members to Conference: Fern Twitchell 272-0495
Associate Laymember to Conference:

Certified Lay Speakers:

Local Lay Speakers:

Church Council:
Chairperson: Fern Twitchell
Secretary: Karen Hawkins
Ex Officio Members include: Chairs of Ad Council, Pastor, Lay Leader, Secretary, Treasurer

Finance Committee:
Chairperson: Cindy Gorman 647-2500
Finance Treasurer: Karen Hawkins: 647-3734
Finance Secretary : Cindy Gorman 647-2500
Counters: Cindy Gorman 647-2500
Milt McKeen 647-8393
Fern Twitchell 272-0495

Lay Leadership Committee (Nominations) :
Chairperson: in transition at this time
Karen Hawkins 647-3734
to be elected from the floor

Trustees (Parsonage) Committee:
Chairperson: Fern Twitchell 272-0495
Milt McKeen 647-8393
Cynthia Gorman: 647-2500
Marilynn Hill: 647-2595

Staff Parish Relations (SPRC):
Chairperson: Fern Twitchell 272-0495
Karen Hawkins: 647-3734
Cynthia Gorman: 647-2500

Focus Group:
Karen Hawkins: 647-3734
Marilynn Hill: 647-2595
Hazel & Pat Shaw: 647-2349

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